End of June

28 06 2009

Well I got busy and this has suffered. The iPhone is not too friendly with WordPress, but it may be me. It seems to leave a post in draft.

I am twittering. I didn’t understand it until I added a pile of people (most I don’t know, but they appear cool). Twitter is better than updating Facebook all the time. Besides updates are expected on Twitter. Some of your friends. Complain with too many FB updates.

I finished watching The Wire. A Tv series that was one of the best. I am now wathing Generation Kill. Same writers and just as good.

I saw Coldplay. They were really good. I also saw The Hangover. What a Funny movie!


Just a link from the Wire

16 05 2009

Omar testifying against a drug enforcer on The Wire. Classic!

The long weekend

16 05 2009

Well after the week that was, the weekend is here.  In Canada, it is the Victoria Day long weekend.   woo hoo!!!

Well not so Woo Ho, I am on-call for the FD, so I have to stay in town.  I think I have to be able respond to the Hall in 5 minutes, maybe 10.  I should see what the SOP’s say…..fuckit, I get there in 5 minutes!  The consequences are not good, if you don’t show.  It’s my turn one long weekend a year, so I can live with it.

This past week I had a board exam, for a promotion.  I am not even sure why I am in this, I don’t want the job (REALLY!!!).  The reason why I am doing it are twofold, one is to get the experience on a board at the managerial level – I have applied for a higher level job in another office.  Secondly, I was dropped and got back in, so of course I want to do good,,,,well????

It was a three hour written test, written!!!! I didn’t think anyone did that anymore.  My hand was sore after 5 minutes, I was beating it on the desk to get it to wake up!

Yesterday, I was off my real job.  I took off to the city, to get some errands done and to get out of town for a little while.  I paid the bills and then I decided to go find a new broker.

I bank at a Credit Union, the fees are less and the service is better.  The have a brokerage house which they like to use, Credential Direct.  My shares were at the broker.  This is an on line broker with some pretty fucked-up ideas.  I have had a hate/hate relationship with them for about 4 years.  I kept saying I was dumping them and never found the time.

Yesterday I got a statement showing I had some funds in my cash account.  Enough to buy a lot of stock at current prices.  In the process of years I have lost the trader account number.  This is where someone says phone or email them…..lol you’d be wrong!!!!! They only do business by fax.  I only have a cell phone and no land line.  I would have to pay for a land line in order to do my one or two transactions a year.  Telus would service charge me to death!!!

I send an email, I get the usual snarky remark.  I was going to phone, but WTF, today is the day.  I head to the city, I thought I should explain to the schmuck why I am mad.  In 2006 I was travelling, for a couple of months.  Tim Hortons had an IPO.  I was in Ottawa and of course I did not have my magical numbers with me.  So I phoned them….big mistake!!!!  It turns out I moved without letting them know and they proceeded to lock my account.  To top it off, they would not accept my change of address.  I had to fax it.  ITS THE LAW, they said.

I left it locked, in December they wanted service fees.  I needed a bill to pay them, they couldn’t send it to me as they did not have my address. – and around and around.  I sent them a cheque (signed and with my address on it and of course a signature).  They cashed the cheque and did not update my address.  The next December same thing.  In fact the emails got threatening, they were going to seize my $10000 for $50 in fees.  I’d like to see them explain that to the Broker association and the courts.  But seeing the mess we are currently in, they’d probably win.

I send them another cheque, with the signature and address.  I sent them an email stating I did this, maybe they would clue in that this met their ‘legal’ requirements.  It didn’t they still wanted me to fax it.  So i faxed a signed blank cheque.  Which the poor trader could not use as it wqas a photocopy….awwwwww

Anyway, I explained this in an email, yesterday, and I got a Thank You.  No fricken response, no indication that it would go to a manager (if there are any).  I went to another broker and signed the papers to move the stock.  And they have secure email, so that I can converse with them within the limits of the law.

Back from the city after a stop at Starbucks….we don’t have one here – it was good!

I bought ‘The Wire’ from Amazon a couple of weeks ago.  I had watch the first season earlier in the week….man this is a good series!!!!!  Last night I watched almost half of season 2.  (Hey it’s a small town and I am on call (no drinking!!!)).  I went to bed when I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

At 03:40 this morning I woke up and could not get back to sleep.  I wondered why such a weird time.  At 03:45 a call came in on the fire radio.  Single vehicle Collision, in a ditch, in a remote place; water in the ditch.  We tried.  He was pronounced on scene.

While I was waiting around for my appointment with the broker in Edmonton I went cruising through the mall.  I needed lunch, so I had a veggie burrito…I love those things, with lots of hot sauce.  I checked out a Health Food store and found a bottle of Horny Goat stuff….in my head was a song by the Artist formerly known as Prince; I bought some.  Hey $17, lets see what it does.    To tell the truth my libido is at zero.  I can’t seem to get excited about meeting anyone.  Maybe, even if this is a placebo, it will help.  I can go to an all male emporium and watch TV, that’s how bad it is!  I think I am too young for this.  It is not ED, it is lack of interest.

Fianlly, as we are enjoying our peaceful lives here in North America, we are about to welcome another country to what we know.  Sri Lanka is finally getting rid of the scourge known as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam – a terrorist entity under a meglomaniac.  They inverted suicide bombers, they have also used the human shield effectively to hide behind.  Holding their own ethnic minority hostage as the SL Army moves in.

Well it is over, no more calls for a truce, to allow the LTTE re-arm and start this 25 year fiasco up again.   Desperate times call for desperate measures.  The LTTE are so good at lying and mis-information, it is hard to know where the truth is.  But it doesn’t matter any more, Prabakan is going to be captured or eat the pill on the string around his neck.  The world is a better place.

Up to now

10 05 2009

Tt was a busy week…..

I applied  on a board for a promotion an was screened out as I did not meet the requirements.  I contested this and won, now I will be writing a test on the 14th.

My son, who turned 18 on the 4th, came out to the town where I live.  We went to a local bar for supper and to watch hockey.  Then hung out with some guys from work, who were proceeding to try ad get my son plastered.   He wasn’t saying no.  Gotta love inexperience, I had to stop the third tequila shooter in a row………

Later on, he said to me that I don’t have to protect him, he can figure things out.  Oh, well……… I guess that is part of growing up.  Although he did take my advice on a chartreuse shooter…I said no-one needs to know what lilacs taste like.  Later on it was fun watching him try to pick up girls.

In his true high maintenance manner, he made plans to do something in the city at noon on the Saturday.   So we left for the city early, he didn’t appear to be hung over.  I don’t think he got that much sleep, but he says Red Bull wakes him up.  I dropped him off and then had to come right back to town as I was voluntering for a bike safety even for children.   This of course started at 11:00.  So I had to drive to Edmonton and back really fast.

The bike event was put on by the Comunity Policing Association, it had representatives from the RCMP, EMS and Fire.

A firetruck, my bike and I

A firetruck, my bike and I

There was an obstacle course to take your bike around.  It was mean’t for little bikes, but that didn’t stop the cops, EMT’s and fire guys from trying it on my bike.

Lastly, it is Mother’s Day today.  My Mom passed away in 1996, from cancer.  I guess it is a good day to remember her.
Nothing Man – Bruce Springsteen

The song is from the Rising, the video is related to 9/11.   343 firefighters lost theirlives that day, helping others.

Tuesday 05 May

6 05 2009

Well it has been busy so far this week.  Sunday night, there was a fire just out of town, on a hill.   I won’t go into specifics, as it is pretty boring.  But by the time we climbed the hill 3 times, in bunker gear, with charged hoses or back packs full of water, it was prettty tiring.  I know, I am an old guy.  When I heard the young guys saying they were struggling too, I felt not so old.

We were done at 01:00 Monday.  I had to do a training course at my real job. I got to sleep and the tones went off again, I was thinking the hill fire restarted.  I waited, we have a lot of guys, someone else could show.  It turned out to be a false alarm….phew!!

Monday with the training, my first time as a teacher, just about everything that could go wrong went wrong.   Amen.  I came home and went to sleep.

Today, real job was fine.  I made some contacts, hopefully to get an assignment is a hot place.   I got screened out of a promotion, it’s ok, it was a Supervisor job, which I am currently doing as a fill in.  I can’t imagine doing the Supervisor  job in a year!

After work, another fire call!! I was the Officer and it went ok.  It was kind of hairy for the guys on the other side of the fire though, a flash over and they had to run.   No one got hurt, a helmet and gloves were lost.  Those are the stories that go around the hall for years to come.

Oh and Monday was my son’s 18th birthday.  In Alberta he can go to a bar.  I am taking him out on his maiden voyage on Friday night, here in town.  I hope he doesn’t puke everywhere!  Friends from the FD are going to be there, Type A males, alcohol and a reason to drink….I could be cleaning up puke.

All in all a good week so far, it has to be good, guys know when they are dirty they are having fun.

Sunday May 03

3 05 2009

Well Saturday was slow, I didn’t get into too much. I stayed in except for one fire call, broken sensor.

I watched a pile of shows on my PVR, those are handy! I have managed to amass 4 episodes of Southland and the uNuSuAlS … I like cop shows! Southland is looking pretty good I hope it sticks around for awhile. The other show is cute in a Boston Legal sort of way.

I was going to go out to the local bar and hang with straight friends, but I didn’t. I watched Milk instead. Good show it reminds me of the past, when Gays had a Mission. I don’t think they have one now, maybe Harper will give us one.

I am in Edmonton as I write this. I just saw Wolverine with my son. Not bad, although they could have left Ryan Reynold’s mouth operable. I saw it at West Edmonton Mall, which was dead (YES!). Went to the Apple store to see if there are new attachments for iPhone, none. Went to Old Navy bought shorts, it is warm. My son ditched me to watch Detroitand Anaheim which was in overtime.

I went for a beer after I drpped my son off.  I wrote most of this on my iPhine.  I saved it and tried to add some onto it, but alas, th APP is not friendly.  I thoughtit had published it, but I guess not.

Rant time: People that drive in the lft lane are a hazzard.  They get on a highway, scoot straight over to the left lane, no matter how fast they are going and who they cut off.  Then when they need to exit, back across the highway, cutting people off to get to the exit at the last minute.  I wonder how many accidents are caused by this?  How many bikers killed because of this.

There!  Work week tomorrow, relaxing at home watching Traitor.