Everything you wanted to know about Edmontongreg but were afraid to ask

See my comment below…..I am Aquarian and a Buddhist, nothing is written is stone.


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2 05 2009

53 year old male, I am pretty active, divorced, with a son. I am on the Gay side of Bi. My fantasy would be to be with a girl and a guy…..but we can dream.

Not really looking for anything, I was since my divorce, but am dizzy from chasing my tail around in circles.

I lose this statement by a guy, his name is Conner Habib, and he works in the porn industry.

I hope he doesn’t mind my using it…..

If you say you NEED someone else, you can’t help but be a completely needy person. Cut out the middle man, be selfish, get into yourself, and suddenly it becomes irrelevant whether or not anyone likes you. Oddly, when you do that, everyone suddenly DOES like you because they become projections of the love you feel for yourself. This isn’t echoed frequently because it’s cliche, but rather because there are two ways to be alone – one, with stress – kicking and screaming; the other, with peace and calm and loving it. The appeal of someone loving his life and solitude is a strong one. The same can’t be said of someone hating it. The thing is, it’s happening either way – you get to choose how you take it, but not whether or not it’s happening.

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