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10 05 2009

Tt was a busy week…..

I applied  on a board for a promotion an was screened out as I did not meet the requirements.  I contested this and won, now I will be writing a test on the 14th.

My son, who turned 18 on the 4th, came out to the town where I live.  We went to a local bar for supper and to watch hockey.  Then hung out with some guys from work, who were proceeding to try ad get my son plastered.   He wasn’t saying no.  Gotta love inexperience, I had to stop the third tequila shooter in a row………

Later on, he said to me that I don’t have to protect him, he can figure things out.  Oh, well……… I guess that is part of growing up.  Although he did take my advice on a chartreuse shooter…I said no-one needs to know what lilacs taste like.  Later on it was fun watching him try to pick up girls.

In his true high maintenance manner, he made plans to do something in the city at noon on the Saturday.   So we left for the city early, he didn’t appear to be hung over.  I don’t think he got that much sleep, but he says Red Bull wakes him up.  I dropped him off and then had to come right back to town as I was voluntering for a bike safety even for children.   This of course started at 11:00.  So I had to drive to Edmonton and back really fast.

The bike event was put on by the Comunity Policing Association, it had representatives from the RCMP, EMS and Fire.

A firetruck, my bike and I

A firetruck, my bike and I

There was an obstacle course to take your bike around.  It was mean’t for little bikes, but that didn’t stop the cops, EMT’s and fire guys from trying it on my bike.

Lastly, it is Mother’s Day today.  My Mom passed away in 1996, from cancer.  I guess it is a good day to remember her.
Nothing Man – Bruce Springsteen

The song is from the Rising, the video is related to 9/11.   343 firefighters lost theirlives that day, helping others.




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