Tuesday 05 May

6 05 2009

Well it has been busy so far this week.  Sunday night, there was a fire just out of town, on a hill.   I won’t go into specifics, as it is pretty boring.  But by the time we climbed the hill 3 times, in bunker gear, with charged hoses or back packs full of water, it was prettty tiring.  I know, I am an old guy.  When I heard the young guys saying they were struggling too, I felt not so old.

We were done at 01:00 Monday.  I had to do a training course at my real job. I got to sleep and the tones went off again, I was thinking the hill fire restarted.  I waited, we have a lot of guys, someone else could show.  It turned out to be a false alarm….phew!!

Monday with the training, my first time as a teacher, just about everything that could go wrong went wrong.   Amen.  I came home and went to sleep.

Today, real job was fine.  I made some contacts, hopefully to get an assignment is a hot place.   I got screened out of a promotion, it’s ok, it was a Supervisor job, which I am currently doing as a fill in.  I can’t imagine doing the Supervisor  job in a year!

After work, another fire call!! I was the Officer and it went ok.  It was kind of hairy for the guys on the other side of the fire though, a flash over and they had to run.   No one got hurt, a helmet and gloves were lost.  Those are the stories that go around the hall for years to come.

Oh and Monday was my son’s 18th birthday.  In Alberta he can go to a bar.  I am taking him out on his maiden voyage on Friday night, here in town.  I hope he doesn’t puke everywhere!  Friends from the FD are going to be there, Type A males, alcohol and a reason to drink….I could be cleaning up puke.

All in all a good week so far, it has to be good, guys know when they are dirty they are having fun.




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