Sunday May 03

3 05 2009

Well Saturday was slow, I didn’t get into too much. I stayed in except for one fire call, broken sensor.

I watched a pile of shows on my PVR, those are handy! I have managed to amass 4 episodes of Southland and the uNuSuAlS … I like cop shows! Southland is looking pretty good I hope it sticks around for awhile. The other show is cute in a Boston Legal sort of way.

I was going to go out to the local bar and hang with straight friends, but I didn’t. I watched Milk instead. Good show it reminds me of the past, when Gays had a Mission. I don’t think they have one now, maybe Harper will give us one.

I am in Edmonton as I write this. I just saw Wolverine with my son. Not bad, although they could have left Ryan Reynold’s mouth operable. I saw it at West Edmonton Mall, which was dead (YES!). Went to the Apple store to see if there are new attachments for iPhone, none. Went to Old Navy bought shorts, it is warm. My son ditched me to watch Detroitand Anaheim which was in overtime.

I went for a beer after I drpped my son off.  I wrote most of this on my iPhine.  I saved it and tried to add some onto it, but alas, th APP is not friendly.  I thoughtit had published it, but I guess not.

Rant time: People that drive in the lft lane are a hazzard.  They get on a highway, scoot straight over to the left lane, no matter how fast they are going and who they cut off.  Then when they need to exit, back across the highway, cutting people off to get to the exit at the last minute.  I wonder how many accidents are caused by this?  How many bikers killed because of this.

There!  Work week tomorrow, relaxing at home watching Traitor.




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