2 05 2009

Well it is Saturday 02 May 2009.  The pandemic has been going on for over a week.  I guess there are reports of Medi Centres in Edmonton being packed with people….looking for a cure.  I have tried, I can’t get carried away into hysteria on this flu.  I think it is easy news, they just send reporters out with cameras and ask people how they are coping.  Meanwhile, sales of anti-bacterial lotions have gone through the roof!  The bacteria like this, as they can adapt…then the anti-bacteria lotions are useless.  Heaven forbid we have a real outbreak of anything.

Yesterday was May Day, or International Workers Day, here in Canada.   I actually got off my ass and went on a March.  I was asked if I was the representative of the Public Service Employees of Canada (PSAC), my union.  I said no way.  I did notice that a co-worker and I were the only PSAC members there.

The March went down 118th Avenue.  Not a really nice part of town, but we marched!  We had a few members of Edmonton’s finest escorting us, I never got a chance to get a phone number, damn!!!

May Day March - Edmonton

May Day March - Edmonton

There is a new Bill in the Alberta Legislature, Bill 44.  It has to do with what can be taught in schools.  I guess, if you have a problem with evolution, you can go to the Human Rights Commission to complain about the teacher.

I am linking to the leader of the New Democratic Party, I don’t know how to put a link in here but it can be found at youtube com watch?v=EaP5yfakF3M (it doesn’t like the www and http part).

Well on to me now.   I am 53 male and gay…..well I like guys.  But am I Gay?  I certainly have no affinity with a lot of the community.  Almost all of the people I do connect with live at least 500 miles away.  I did meet a guy in Chicago, that I really connected with, but I managed to fuck up storing his phone number, I searched the phone books and the net (as I knew what he did), his name is Chris Erickson, comes from North Dakota  🙂 – he has probably been snatched up now. We were supposed to go to the Art Institute of Chicago the next day.

Art Institute of Chicago

Art Institute of Chicago

In Chicago 2

In Chicago 2

In Chicago

In Chicago

Anyway, I am at a point in my life where I consider myself asexual.  I have not given up, but I am living in a small town, away from the scene.  I joined the Fire Department.  I drove by the sign about 40 times and then finally went in and applied.  Great opportunities for hose jokes, to meet people in the community (this one is a very tight community) and something to do with all the spare time.

Today, I am off mountain biking, have to work off some excess inches.

Later I may try to work on the motorcycle.   I am in no way a mechanical guy, and the thought of all those nuts and bolts running free scares the shit out of me.  The garage wants way too much money (almost what the bike is worth) to fix a noise in the motor.




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